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Thesis and Assignment Editing Service

Major: Law
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: huwwilliams

Thesis and Assignment Editing Service

Your paper may be a work of genius, full of ground-breaking theories and a one-way ticket to academic immortality. Sadly, if your writing's not up to scratch - if it's riddled with poor spelling and grammar, or the language doesn't get your message across - then who can blame your tutor for missing all of those insightful comments?

Don't let this happen to you! With my professional editing service you can be assured that your work reads clearly and receives the treatment it deserves. You know how long you've laboured over that assignment - why not give it a final polish before you submit it?

My service is prompt, thorough, tailored to your individual needs, and best of all, affordable. My rates start at just $18 per hour for a basic proofread, which will iron out any spelling or grammar issues, but I offer a more comprehensive service for those who require it.

For a more thorough description of how I can help you achieve what you deserve, and to contact me, see my website at

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