All You Need to Know about Revelian Tests and How to Ace Them (1)

There are many things that can determine your chance of landing your dream job. These may include high grades, an outstanding CV, or the ability to ‘sell yourself’ during group and individual interviews. In addition, you will be assessed with many different types of psychometric testing – numerical tests, verbal reasoning tests, and personality tests,… Read More

Congratulations, if you made it to the assessment centre phase of a company’s interview process you have most likely survived the application form, psychometric test, and/or video interview. Now, you have been invited to attend an assessment centre as part of the hiring process. The problem is, you are not exactly sure what to expect. Don’t… Read More

If you’re about to take an CEB-SHL assessment test, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to practise and what the best available practice packs are. CEB-SHL produces a variety of psychometric tests, including those that focus on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning. CEB-SHL’s tests are aimed for different positions, ranging from entry-level… Read More

As part of the recruitment process, employers use selection tests to screen job candidates to determine if they fit the criteria to be interviewed for the specific job opening. The selection tests aim to provide an employer with an insight into your mental capabilities and decide if your personality best fits the role you are… Read More

JobTestPrep on Psychometric Testing


In today’s super-competitive job market, you need to do extensive research beforehand to get a leg up on other applicants. One area that requires careful preparation is psychometric testing, which has become standard for jobs across all industries.
For most applicants, psychometric tests are intimidating; fortunately, with the correct preparation there is nothing to be scared of. One company named JobTestPrep has made it its mission to help prepare graduates for the tests they will face during the application process. Today we will sit down with JobTestPrep and find out what services they have to offer you, and why you should take full advantage of these services.
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Once you graduate from university, you will be faced with a competitive job market. The trick here is to know what application and interview processes that you are going to face, so that you can be fully prepared. One of the most common ways of narrowing down the application pool is through the use of graduate aptitude tests, which test the verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning of applicants.… Read More

Practise Psychometric Tests

The Finance and Banking industry is one of the most competitive out there, with many graduates facing a rigorous recruitment process. That is why many companies have opted to use psychometric tests during recruitment, as a way to screen the applications of thousands of graduates.
In this article, we are going to look at psychometric testing in closer detail, in relation to the finance and banking sector in Australia. … Read More