Are you in two minds about seeking a suitable accommodation in the proximity of University of Queensland – a prestigious Australian institution that is home to students from all over the world? If you still have not made up your mind yet, don’t panic because we would like to recommend you some housing preferences available in the vicinity of University of Queensland.

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There is a diverse variety of accommodation options on offer as list below.

1) Short term accommodations

1.1 Hotels & motels near University of Queensland

Gatton Campus Motel

Building 8152, Gatton Campus, QLD 4345
Tel: +61 7 5460 1489

The motel offers fully-geared rooms with en-suite bathrooms. It is located on the campus in possession of University of Queensland.

Gatton Motel

74 Railway Street, Gatton
Tel: +61 7 5462 1333

A wide range of accommodation options is available here, ranging from single to ensuite rooms.

Unirez Ipswich

29 Salisbury Road, Ipswich
Tel: +61 7 3812 0362

Apartment-style accommodations are on offer here.

Metro Hotel Ipswich International

43 South Street, Ipswich
Tel: +61 7 3812 8077

Accommodations are designed in hotel style.

Best Western Ipswich Heritage Motor Inn

51-55 Warwick Road, Ipswich
61 7 3202 3111

Having a motel-style layout, the inn has ensuite bathrooms/toilets. It is located with walking distance of University of Queensland.

Ipswich City Motel

86 Warwick Road, Ipswich
Tel: +61 7 3281 2633 

2) Long term accommodations near University of Queensland

2.1 On-campus

You probably have hit the nail on the head when choosing a residential college for a stay. It is worthy of a consideration if you prefer to stay in a dormitory-style environment, have your residence arranged in advance, accompanied by healthily-prepared meals and lots of fun when taking part in community activities and a great deal of assistance in terms of academic matters. Generally, there are 10 residence halls that make up University of Queensland St Lucia’s on-campus accommodation. Every year, it attracts more than 2500 students coming from every corner of the world, whether they are foreigners or interstate students. Whereas, University of Queensland Gatton caters accommodations for up to 436 students in the dormitory quarters surrounding the university.

There is no fixed price for the rent between colleges. In order to choose for yourself a suitable one with your budget, you are encouraged to get in touch with the colleges. For further details, access this link.

It is advisable to make a reservation as soon as possible due to the increasing demands. However, some colleges may still offer some vacant places around the beginning of the term.

2.2 Near campus

If you choose to lead an independent life or are unable to secure an on-campus accommodation in time, but still want to arrange a place ahead of time, you should consider residing in an off-campus housing for students. This type of residence offers self-catering options with fully-equipped rooms with basic necessities for students. Additionally, you can book in advance online from overseas.

There are several accommodation suppliers preferred by the university. You can see the list here.

2.3 Surrounding suburbs

It is recommended that you spare a little time to check the properties for rent to ensure that your money has been poured into the right place. No fixed price for every accommodation, which largely depends on location, size, and available facilities. Some suburbs in close proximity to University of Queensland St Lucia campus are St. Lucia and Toowong (with rentals ranging from $350 to $600+ per week), Taringa (rentals $300+ per week) and Indooroopilly ($400 + per week).

Another tip is that you should be present in Brisbane 2 or 3 weeks before the start of your course so that you have enough time to find an appropriate place to move in. For more accommodation options and tips, visit the University of Queensland website to know more.

We hope that this article has given you a hand in choosing an accommodation near University of Queensland to live.  If you have any other tips to find accommodations near University of Queensland, share with us in the comments below.

Note: Prices listed here are accurate at the time of posting only.

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