Becoming a student is challenging. Most people think that the challenges stop when you receive your acceptance letter into university, however, this is when the real preparations begin. Not only do you need to worry about paying your tuition fees, you also need to plan on how you will support yourself from week to week.
Before you start creating a budget, let me outline the main living costs that you need to consider as a student. Though the cost will differ from city to city, I will give an average estimate for each.
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If you are like me, then you are a student struggling to get by on a tiny budget. However, being a student also means that you are bright eyed and excited to participate in every activity and shopping opportunity that comes your way, and for this to happen you need to have cash in hand.

Acknowleding the fact that you cannot go back to the folks every time you want something new, I have done my research and come up with 8 exciting tips that will help you save your money.… Read More