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Korn Ferry Assessment is a leadership assessment that is designed to identify candidates who possess the highest potential for success in a leadership role. Learning agility is highlighted as the greatest predictor of leadership performance.
If you are adaptable, curious, focused, tolerant of diversity in thought and ethnicity, and able to work well regardless of the uncertainty of job parameters, then chances are good you will achieve a high rating on the leadership potential assessment. When answering test questions, keep the learning agility focus in mind.

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Preparing for Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment Test.

Leadership Potential assessment

The Korn Ferry assessment of leadership potential test questions look at how you would evaluate your career to date. Using three types of questions (strength sort, weakness sort, and word pairs), this test aims to assess your leadership style. Given Korn Ferry’s focus on leadership and leadership styles, doing well on this test is crucial in any Korn Ferry-led recruitment process. Prepare for the Korn Ferry leadership assessment with JobTestPrep’s personality and situational judgement practice tests.


Talent Q Assessment

Talent Q is a global assessment company and part of the Korn Ferry Hay Group. In the past few years, Talent Q’s aptitude tests have become an increasingly popular job assessment tool. Their aptitude tests are divided into three types of assessments: numerical, verbal, and logical. It is important to note that Talent Q’s tests differ from other common psychometric tests in that they are adaptable. This means that depending on whether your response to a question is correct or incorrect, the system presents you with a subsequent question of either greater or lesser difficulty until your appropriate difficulty level is found.

You can expect to take these tests if you are applying for a supervisor, manager, or any other high-level position.

Practising on sample tests has been found to decrease exam anxiety and increase accuracy and speed. Knowing what to expect before you begin your actual Korn Ferry leadership exam goes a long way toward optimizing your test results.

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