A series of public speaking articles

How many times have you lost a good chance in life, not achieved your dream jobs due to lack of public speaking skills? Public speaking skills are important not only when you stand on the stage, they will also help you succeed in interviews, negotiations, business transactions and sales or simply in communicating with friends.… Read More

Job Interview: Comprehensive List of Do’s and Don’ts

Writing a great resume and cover letter is just the first step to impress your potential employer. According to Business to Community, the average time spent by recruiters looking at a resume is 5 to 7 seconds. The real show is where you have to convince the judging panel about all the positive things you… Read More

“Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

You may be wondering why this question is asked during an interview after you submitted a resume and a cover letter. But this is one of the most important interview questions that you cannot avoid. Your response to this question will determine how the rest of the interview session goes and ultimately, you landing that job. One thing you should know is that interviewers would not be asking this question if it was not that important to getting the job. Read on to see how you should approach this question and how you can use it to make an impact in when you appear before the panel. We will give you sample answers for two specific scenarios as well. … Read More

As you prepare to enter the job market, many of you have read an assortment of articles on how to ace an interview. Unfortunately, many of these articles have left out one important thing; you need to impress your potential employers even after your interview has concluded. But how are you supposed to that? How can you keep a potential employer interested once your interview is done?

This article will list a few easy ways to follow up your interview, so that you can remain in the best position to get the job.… Read More

In today’s competitive job market, it is important for all graduates to separate themselves from the crowd when searching for suitable employment. Panel interviews are the last stage of the interview process, and are usually conducted by multiple interviewers, including HR managers and department heads. Though the thought of being interviewed by several potential employers at once is daunting, it is the perfect way of creating a rapport with these interviewers, and establishing yourself as the preferable candidate. This post presents a list of 6 tips you can use to ace your panel job interview.
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