5 Best Online Jobs for University Students (1)

Are you a university student looking to make some extra cash? University studies allow for some extra time but it will not allow a university student to work full-time. However, this is not an excuse not to have the extra cash while at the same time sticking to the class schedule. As a student, you… Read More

If your degree lies in the technology field, then congratulations to you in picking a fantastic career path. However, like most career paths the IT field is highly competitive, and the fact that it is constantly evolving makes it tougher for you to find your place in the tech job market.

But fear not, with serious planning, in-depth research, and focus on skill development, you can dramatically increase your chances of snagging a great entry-level IT job. Whether you want to work at a large international corporation like IBM and Microsoft, or smaller consultancies and specialist software development firms, the IT career tips in this article will help you find your footing.… Read More

With the high costs of higher education today, it is necessary to supplement income from your parents, government aids and scholarships with alternative sources. A part time job is a great way of bringing in this extra income, without taking up all the free time you usually use for studying and extracurricular activities. Not only will a part time job give you needed control over your finances, it will also help you offset all college associated expenses and help you develop a savings culture. Additionally, a part time job heightens your college experience by giving you the chance to interact with new people and learn new things (this also provides a great opportunity to network). You need to be aware that practical time commitment and flexible scheduling are mandatory if you intend to work while keeping your grades up. In this article we will explore the 6 most popular part time/casual jobs for students today.… Read More

The main responsibility of being a student is to study hard. While this is correct, working while studying in Australia can help complement your university life and real-life experience, and prepare you for what’s to come when you graduate.
In this article, we will provide 3 tips for you and hopefully help you succeed in your part-time job hunt.
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