If you’re about to take an CEB-SHL assessment test, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to practise and what the best available practice packs are. CEB-SHL produces a variety of psychometric tests, including those that focus on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning. CEB-SHL’s tests are aimed for different positions, ranging from entry-level jobs to graduate and management positions. Here are the main factors you should consider to outperform your competition and ace your assessment test:

1. Computer vs. Pen-and-Paper Preparation Materials

To be fully prepared, one must take into consideration that almost all of CEB-SHL’s psychometric tests are provided on a computer. Some of the tests are delivered online, while other require the candidate to attend the recruiter’s office. All CEB-SHL tests have a strict time limit. This may sound insignificant, but it emphasises that candidates who understand this aspect of CEB-SHL tests—and practise not only on paper, but also online using timed tests—usually perform better than others who do not grasp this. Therefore, we recommend practising with computerised preparation materials to get that feeling of real time pressure.

2. Style Similarity

CEB-SHL tests have a unique style which is different from other assessment companies. Therefore, it is important to choose preparation materials that are specific to the CEB-SHL tests and not just general materials for any psychometric test. If you do choose general materials, they will most likely lack some important elements that CEB-SHL tests focus on. The most important tip is not to compromise with general preparation materials but to choose something as specific as you can. However, it is important to keep in mind that CEB-SHL tests are varied. Some assess numerical reasoning, while others measure verbal reasoning. In addition, CEB-SHL tests are aimed for different levels, such as graduate, senior management, etc. Therefore, our tip is to choose a preparation package that is unique to the level of your CEB-SHL test type. Only this will enable you to outperform the competition.

3. The Practising-Learning Combination

Proper preparation for CEB-SHL tests requires both learning and practising. On the one hand, practice does make perfect. Therefore, it is important to prepare using preparation materials that offer many practice questions. On the other hand, practising with questions that are not accompanied by the proper explanations may not allow you to reach your full potential. A well-crafted preparation package should therefore include learning materials as well as practice questions. We recommend choosing preparation materials that include answer explanations and study aides which allow you to learn from your mistakes.

4. Updated

The psychometric testing industry is very dynamic. This means companies like CEB-SHL are constantly working on updating and changing their tests to meet the current market demands and to ensure candidates have not encountered test questions before test day. As testing companies are constantly refining their materials, it is important to practise using preparation resources that have been updated accordingly. Even though math and language do not change, studying with materials that are two years old will likely hinder your ability to succeed on the test. Our tip is to make sure that the preparation materials you choose are up-to-date.

JobTestPrep offers free sample questions which fit these rules. You can try them and see if purchasing the full preparation package is something that you find beneficial. Anyway, after choosing the best preparation materials, allow yourself ample time to practise. The preparation materials may be both tailor-made even up-to-date, but if you do not study properly and take enough time to prepare for the test, they won’t be able to help you. Choose wisely, practise well, and ace the CEB-SHL psychometric test!

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