Introduction It is widely believed that a recruiter would spend 6 seconds on average looking at your CV or your LinkedIn profile. You could easily imagine how long 6 seconds is. That is why “being wordy” is not what you should aim for in order to catch the attention of a job hunter. Your aim… Read More

salary negotiation

Our previous posts talked about tips to landing your first job, and common mistakes graduates make during the job search and application process. I am assuming you have armed yourself with these tips as you try and land your first job, and that is why we are now going to discuss salary negotiation tips. You… Read More

Consultancy is one of the quickest growing professions in this country, with increased demand from fields like security, engineering, marketing, finance, science, law, management, and accountancy. With the increased demand for professional consultants, there has been a proportional increase in competition among graduates. Our interviewee today is a consultant- a financial consultant to be precise. She will tell us how she managed to navigate the cut-throat recruitment process in order to secure a consultancy role in a top tier organization.… Read More

psychometric testing

Once you graduate from university, you will be faced with a competitive job market. The trick here is to know what application and interview processes that you are going to face, so that you can be fully prepared. One of the most common ways of narrowing down the application pool is through the use of graduate aptitude tests, which test the verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning of applicants.… Read More

If your degree lies in the technology field, then congratulations to you in picking a fantastic career path. However, like most career paths the IT field is highly competitive, and the fact that it is constantly evolving makes it tougher for you to find your place in the tech job market.

But fear not, with serious planning, in-depth research, and focus on skill development, you can dramatically increase your chances of snagging a great entry-level IT job. Whether you want to work at a large international corporation like IBM and Microsoft, or smaller consultancies and specialist software development firms, the IT career tips in this article will help you find your footing.… Read More

Are you wondering what courses to study to improve your chances of employment post-graduation? It helps to take a look at current and future employment trends. Certain industries, including health care, education, and information technology, are projecting long-term growth. Whether you’re a current student or recent graduate, you should find no shortage of openings for the following types of professionals. … Read More