student meal ideas

One thing that a student needs in order to go through his studies successfully is good health. And that starts with good diet. Now, students generally don’t have a lot of time and that means they would not want to spend too much time on cooking. But eating at restaurants come with a lot of inconveniences, one of which is cost. It costs much less to prepare your own meals than eating outside, and the food tastes better. That is why you might want to try these 5 student recipes. … Read More

If you are a student studying in Melbourne, then you are one of the lucky few who gets to study in a vibrant environment. Melbourne is packed with top attractions for entertainment and relaxation, which you can take advantage of during your free time. Below I will give you a list of the top attractions you should visit this year.… Read More

Becoming a student is challenging. Most people think that the challenges stop when you receive your acceptance letter into university, however, this is when the real preparations begin. Not only do you need to worry about paying your tuition fees, you also need to plan on how you will support yourself from week to week.
Before you start creating a budget, let me outline the main living costs that you need to consider as a student. Though the cost will differ from city to city, I will give an average estimate for each.
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