By the time you graduate from high school, it is important that you start looking into your career path. In this article, I’ll share with you some tips that need to be taken into account when you are in search of a job. These tips are still useful if you are already in your university… Read More

In today’s competitive job market, it is necessary for you to stand out from the hoards of qualified people targeting the same job. It is no longer sufficient for you to send in your resume and wait for a reply, you need to be actively networking so that your name can be out there for recruiters to see.

One way of doing this is by having a social media presence on a professional platform such as LinkedIn. However, a bland LinkedIn profile will not help draw in the right people. You need to have an attractive profile that provides recruiters with information about who you are and what you have to offer. … Read More

Practise Psychometric Tests

The Finance and Banking industry is one of the most competitive out there, with many graduates facing a rigorous recruitment process. That is why many companies have opted to use psychometric tests during recruitment, as a way to screen the applications of thousands of graduates.
In this article, we are going to look at psychometric testing in closer detail, in relation to the finance and banking sector in Australia. … Read More

While you might believe that strong grades alone will help you land the job, this is not true. Extra-curricular experience is exceedingly important in today’s competitive business world, as it reveals to your employer the skills you possess.

While certain extra-curricular activities might be relevant for specific jobs, most of the activities that you will participate in will have no direct connection to your profession. Either way, below we will show you the extra-curricular activities that you should include in your resume.… Read More

Having an impressive resume is one of the key factors that will land you an interview and then a job. Needless to say, it’s very important for graduate students to have a well-written resume that stands out from the crowd. In this article we will share with you the top secrets to write a perfect resume.… Read More

With the high costs of higher education today, it is necessary to supplement income from your parents, government aids and scholarships with alternative sources. A part time job is a great way of bringing in this extra income, without taking up all the free time you usually use for studying and extracurricular activities. Not only will a part time job give you needed control over your finances, it will also help you offset all college associated expenses and help you develop a savings culture. Additionally, a part time job heightens your college experience by giving you the chance to interact with new people and learn new things (this also provides a great opportunity to network). You need to be aware that practical time commitment and flexible scheduling are mandatory if you intend to work while keeping your grades up. In this article we will explore the 6 most popular part time/casual jobs for students today.… Read More

Today’s job hunting process is affected by three main factors; high rates of unemployment, greater competition and a longer hiring process. But do not be afraid, many employers are still looking for young and energetic graduates to fill up spaces in their organization.

This article will outline the 5 tips you should keep in mind as you apply for a graduate job, in an effort to expose yourself to bigger and better opportunities.… Read More

The main responsibility of being a student is to study hard. While this is correct, working while studying in Australia can help complement your university life and real-life experience, and prepare you for what’s to come when you graduate.
In this article, we will provide 3 tips for you and hopefully help you succeed in your part-time job hunt.
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When applying for jobs, the days of simply forwarding our resumes and expecting to hear back from employers or recruiters are long gone. Now, we are required to write comprehensive, compelling cover letters that depict our worth and why we are the right person for the job. However, even if our credentials are perfect for the position, getting across the wrong message in a cover may jeopardise our chances of securing an interview, which is why it’s vital to get it right. But how do we master the art of the cover letter? It’s a tough balance to strike, though here are a few steps that will help.… Read More