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One of the benefits of living in the 2020s is that almost any course can be completed entirely online. It is truly revolutionary that we can get a degree without leaving our couch when this is something that was virtually impossible just a few decades ago.


You can study nearly anything online, but certain degrees are better suited to online study than others. Certain courses are best completed with at least some in-person class time- hairdressing, for example, is a profession that is best acquired with some physical experience. But many courses can be done without ever setting foot on a university or TAFE campus.

Computer Science and IT

Let’s begin with the most obvious. IT jobs are in high demand in Australia, and the good news is that these skills can be acquired online. It is unsurprising that a degree in computer science or information technology can be done from a computer. Almost every industry now relies heavily on technology- even the agricultural industry has joined the tech age.


There is a number of potential career paths that can follow a computer science degree. Game development, software development, programming, coding, artificial intelligence, and much more.


The healthcare industry is another industry that is in need of qualified workers, and potential healthcare workers can gain expertise from the comfort of their own homes. Online health courses are best suited to those currently working in healthcare who are looking to upskill. Juggling working and studying as well as other responsibilities is daunting, so online study is a great way to slot studying in whenever it works for you and your current schedule. Whether you’re interested in healthcare leadership, mental health or nursing, you can find an online course suited to you.


Healthcare is a fast-growing field and the Australian healthcare sector is desperately in need of qualified healthcare professionals. Nursing is the most in-demand job currently in the entire country, so obtaining your degree in healthcare is a surefire way to fill a position that badly needs to be filled.


Business skills are versatile and can be utilised in many careers, so studying business is a good idea for those who aren’t entirely sure, or who want to become a manager or leader in their current industry. Business skills can be obtained entirely online in your own time- this degree is flexible in every sense. 


A business administration degree can prepare you for anything from project management to human resources and everything in between.


Finance is another broad term that can apply to a number of professions, but it is generally something that can be done remotely. From your laptop (or even your smartphone!) you can learn the fundamentals of finance- investing, accounting, financial advising, data analysis, statistics, budgeting and more.


Science is an incredibly broad spectrum. There are many types of science, and not all of them can be done virtually. But certain types of science, such as environmental science, can generally be done online.


Art and Design

Art and Design is another degree that can often be obtained online, especially if you specialise in digital art forms such as graphic design.


Social Work

Social workers are another profession on the extensive list of in-demand professions in Australia. If you’re passionate and caring, social work may be right for you. Social work can be learned completely online, so you can juggle studying social work along with other commitments such as a job, raising a family or caring for a loved one.


Speaking of in-demand jobs in Australia, teachers are desperately needed. You can study education from the comfort of your own home (or wherever else you prefer to study) and be a positive influence on children, or become part of the management team at a school that shapes children into well-rounded and fulfilled individuals.



Online study is a wonderful invention. It makes it possible to get a formal qualification without the added stressors of transport and the constraints of set class times. Online education makes it far more feasible to add education to your already busy days, and it means that more Australians will be able to acquire a formal degree. 


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