Getting into university, you have a lot of chances for studying and partying. If you are not content with just that, why don’t you spare some time for a new experience – volunteering? Here is the ultimate student guide to volunteering from Studentbees.

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A student life is where you build the most fundamental basement for your life: your social of acquaintances, your major, your personality and belief. You also have more energy and aspiration in your youth. That’s why trying to have as much experience as possible is beneficial to you in this period.

Student volunteering opportunity is a nice way to serve the society as your way of thanks without the needs for money or material resources. Not only does volunteering benefits the society, it will positively affect you in many ways.

Benefits of Volunteering

Amazing experiences await your exploration

The chance to participate in a new experience (without much cost) is what makes student volunteering so appealing. As you get more involved with these activities, you will come out with a higher chance of satisfaction. Nowadays, the activities that you can volunteer for are almost endless: raising funds by showing off your skills or selling the things your group made; assisting in shows and events; doing labour or helping out in a foreign country.

Unlike working, volunteering can be as exciting and fun as you want it to be. As volunteering is often catered to every party, the mutual experience is positive. It can be challenging to do things you’ve never done before, or having to work in a team in an environment you are not familiar with. However, that’s just the perfect way to find out what you’re good at.

Enlarge your circle

student, volunteering, society,

Volunteering gives you the chance to meet with like-minded people who share the same passion for giving like you do. However, expect diversity in their lifestyle, work style, attitude and perspective. If you utilise the chance to be open-hearted, you would have the chance to come in contact with other cultures this way.

If you are a foreign student who lives outside your country right now, volunteering is a better way to get to know the local life and build relationships with local people. More than often, your insight as an outsider will be much appreciated in working with these situations.

Glorify your resume

Having student volunteering on your resume is always a bonus, if not a vital element to your future employer or college. No matter which field you are interested in, employers and institutions have better regards for people with a wide personality. Most companies and institutes have a charitable fund. It’s all beneficial if you intend to work in the non-profit organisation, in which prior voluntary work would be essential.

Doing volunteer work also means that when you care for something, you can devote time and effort to it. This kind of attitude will pave your way to getting internships from parties that are involved in the same volunteering event with you.

Volunteering Tips

So now you know that volunteering can benefit you both personally and professionally, how are you going to find one that you like? Follow our tips below.

Know what you’re good at, or which skill you want to hone. A lot of volunteering activities involve coaching smaller children, tutoring students or forming a relationship and playing a role model for kids. These activities are ideal if you are good with the youngs and want to reinforce your knowledge (teaching others help you maintain the information you’ve learnt up to 90%). On the other hand, fundraising activities help you improve your marketing, sales and time management skills. Helping in an event gives you a better sense about management and organisation skills. If you just want to volunteer without participating, then donating blood or running a course is a great option.

  • Look at the university bulletin boards, the school newspaper or student councils for volunteering recruitments. Credible online boards such as and also offer opportunities from big companies and organisations. Asking around, on the other hand, give you the chance to volunteer in the local area.
  • If you’ve found a good thing to do, get your friends involved. You can strengthen your relationship this way as volunteering work creates a good atmosphere for people with the same interest. If you are in a club, ask the guidance about which volunteer activity can the group do together.

What Options to Consider When Volunteering

student, volunteering, society,

Volunteering is varied in purpose, activity and scale, everything from festivals to charity, in your neighbourhood or at the global extent. You may apply for doing the probing in the local theatres or translating for a conference.

  • No matter how much you want to commit to volunteering, there is always some program for you:
    • Full-time volunteers can spend a quarter or a year working with the program as an employee of an organisation.
    • Part-time volunteers fit the activity with their schedule for studying and other commitments. They devote a few hours per week.
    • One-off volunteers do not commit any fixed amount of time, they come to help when they are able to.
    • Online volunteers often help with desk work or counselling via the internet. They don’t have to go to a physical arena to participate.
  • Decide on which scale you’d want to work with. A bigger scale usually involves more activities and grant you the chance to meet with many people, while a smaller scale let you see your result of doing something good instantly.
  • Most universities would appreciate if you volunteer in their opening days to guide campus tour, talk about your college experience or set up activities for new students.
  • Community service opportunities in your local areas often involve working as an assistant in a community, coach to a group of high school student, serving food on the street or tending to the elderly.
  • There are chances for volunteering overseas to help with natural disasters, epidemics or situations in third-world countries.
  • Many scholarships are available exclusive to volunteers. As you show a great deal of commitment to your community, the society and many organisation are willing to show their appreciation. Remember to check out their scholarship listings.


An important part of a student life, or any life at all, is giving to those in need. There are many ways in which you can participate in volunteering, all of which does not only benefit the society as a whole but also your skills, social relationships and future opportunities. Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes as indicated in this student guide to volunteering, you will always find one that is fun and meaningful.

What’s a funny thing that happened to you the last time you volunteer to do something? Tell us in the comment!

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  • Thanks for sharing this. They should put volunteering and community work as a compulsory unit in university. So many people are in need!

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