Today’s job hunting process is affected by three main factors; high rates of unemployment, greater competition and a longer hiring process. But do not be afraid, many employers are still looking for young and energetic graduates to fill up spaces in their organization.

Below are the 5 tips you should keep in mind as you apply for a graduate job, in an effort to expose yourself to bigger and better opportunities.

job hunting tips

1. The importance of fantastic cover letters and resumes

Cover letters and resumes are for all intents and purposes essential marketing tools. These two tools are the first point of contact you will have with your potential employer, and it is vital that you make a great initial impression. As a graduate you need to avoid creating documents filled with boring and vague information regarding your degrees, courses and part-time jobs.

Instead, put forth the latest and most persuasive information/statement that shows you are the best fit for the job. Ensure that you customize your resume to the job description, and ask your employed friends and trusted advisors/mentors to give you some honest feedback before you present your final cover letter and resume.

2. Practise common interview questions with your friends or relatives

A large number of job applicants are often unprepared for the tough yet common questions asked in an interview e.g. ‘what are your weaknesses?’ Additionally, there is a misconception that ‘winging it’ is fine in an interview, yet nearly all interviewers can spot an unprepared candidate.

To avoid this become familiar with the job offered, the company you aim to work for, and the details included in your resume. If you can easily communicate how your experience/degree translates to the job offered, you have a greater chance of getting the job.

3. Take advantage of social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn

You need to be aware of 2 things; one, a large number of companies use social media during the hiring process, and two, your social media profile is often the first search result to appear when your name is Googled.

To appear more hirable you need to take a few steps. Clear up your social media sites of controversial messages or pictures, join LinkedIn for your career and college fields of interest, complete your profiles so that employers can easily identify you, your interests and internships, take part in group discussions as a way of showing your expertise and skills, and ask for recommendations from your advisors/professors.

Because social media is an extension of your application, it also doubles as your best resource for making contacts and building up a professional identity.

4. Spend time on online job search sites and job resources sites

Job search sites and job resource sites are a great way to network with potential employers. They also pose a great opportunity to find volunteer work, and learn critical information concerning your job search. By spending time on sites like those presented below, you start appearing as a more desirable and appealing applicant.

Contains an immense amount of information concerning employment opportunities and vital research about the job market

These 4 sites connect graduates with potential employers in all sectors/careers, and are great for all seeking entry level graduate jobs

Has a wide range of resources on graduate careers and job opportunities

Lists a wide range of internship positions for graduate students

5. Practise psychometric tests

Many organizations are asking graduates to undergo psychometric tests during their initial job screening. These tests cover your abilities in numbers, logical reasoning, constructive thinking and situation approach.

Moreover, your personality and aptitude is also determined by this test. If you would like to move onto the next step in your job application, practise psychometric tests today.

The job market is daunting, but if you follow the tips given above your job search will be made ten times easier. Good luck as you venture out into the world! Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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