As you prepare to enter the job market, many of you have read an assortment of articles on how to ace an interview. Unfortunately, many of these articles have left out one important thing; you need to impress your potential employers even after your interview has concluded. But how are you supposed to that? How can you keep a potential employer interested once your interview is done?
That is where I come in, offering great advise on this issue. Below I will list a few easy ways to follow up your interview, so that you can remain in the best position to get the job.

1. Write a thank you note
Once your interview is done, you should send your potential employer a simple hand written thank you note. This note should be properly addressed to them, so make sure that you jot down their name during the interview. This small action will show your appreciation for the time taken to conduct your interview, as well as emphasize your interest in the job.

2. Follow up with the interviewer
If the interviewer plays a big part in the final hiring decision, you should make sure to connect with them once the interview is done. You can do so via LinkedIn or email as described above. If you do not get this job, you should still maintain a relationship with your interviewer.
Your interviewer can is a good contact who can inform you of vacant positions in the future.

3. Talk to professionals in the department you applied to
More often than not, the person who interviews you will be from HR. This department is not the one that makes the final decision on whether or not you get hired, so you need to talk to the people that have a say in this process. The people in the department you are applying to will probably have a say in the candidate chosen, and you should therefore network with them.
Do it in a professional way, such as through LinkedIn or via email. Once you connect with them, you can ask questions about the job position and about the company, and in doing so create a good impression about yourself. This way your name can find itself at the top of the list when the final hiring decision is made.

4. Take notes during the interview 
During your interview, you will receive positive and constructive feedback. Take note of both and then start taking action on the feedback you received. For example, if your interviewer said that they would prefer if you had more technical experience, apply for an IT internship and then let them know. In this way they can see your initiative, and this keeps them interested in you when they are making the final decision.


As you can see, it is important to keep your potential employers interested after the interview. This is because there will be many applications they will be presented with, and you therefore have to remain fresh in their minds once your interview has concluded. 
By maintaining a relationship with the interviewer, you can position yourself at the top of the candidate list. Use these tips as you head out for your interview. Good luck to you!

4 comments on “Follow Up after an Interview to Keep Potential Employers Interested

  • In my opinion thank you note is pretty much a stupid idea. we – the people – are likely to thank someone for not hiring us? Really guys?
    Writing a thank you note is some kind of buttering someone up and perhaps the interviewer thinks you are likely to bribe him/her with a little emotional note.
    there are many ways to show gratitude but not this one. I really mean that. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

    • Hi notorious632,

      Most people would be thinking the same way like you. When they got rejected for a job, they don’t feel like contacting the recruiter let alone sending them a thank you note.
      However, you never know that your path may cross his or her path again in the future. Perhaps you will gain more experience in the next few years and may reapply to the same company. If you give the recruiter a good impression this time, they will remember you next time!

  • That’s nice of you to say something good and prospective. That explanation is pretty acceptable and polite.
    I find some of your posts are quite good, knowledgable and stick to the current affairs.

  • I’ve always had mix feelings about following up after an interview. The wait is nerve-wracking but I don’t want to come off as desperate.
    I’ve never done any of those… Still wondering how things would turn out if I did…

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