If you’re about to take an CEB-SHL assessment test, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to practise and what the best available practice packs are. CEB-SHL produces a variety of psychometric tests, including those that focus on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning. CEB-SHL’s tests are aimed for different positions, ranging from entry-level… Read More

As part of the recruitment process, employers use selection tests to screen job candidates to determine if they fit the criteria to be interviewed for the specific job opening. The selection tests aim to provide an employer with an insight into your mental capabilities and decide if your personality best fits the role you are… Read More


Between two candidates with the same ability, experience and knowledge, the one who knows how to build a good personal brand will have a better chance to find his or her dream job. Referring to personal brand, many people think that you have to become famous. But it’s not true. That includes competency, mindset, and self-confidence… Read More

A series of public speaking articles

How many times have you lost a good chance in life, not achieved your dream jobs due to lack of public speaking skills? Public speaking skills are important not only when you stand on the stage, they will also help you succeed in interviews, negotiations, business transactions and sales or simply in communicating with friends.… Read More


  Having the ability to prepare for a speech in a short time is one of the most critical skills that makes you an excellent public speaker. Besides that, this article is about one important technique that can immediately make your speech much better. The reason why you have fear of public speaking is because you… Read More